Share your piece of paradise with us!

Share your piece of paradise with us!

by Stripes Guam
Stripes Guam

We know our readers love to travel — so we’re giving you a chance to share your favorite getaways!

Stars and Stripes is asking readers to write about their own piece of paradise. Yes, that means you! Our annual Destination Paradise magazine highlights must-see travel spots across the Pacific — and your bit of paradise could be included in our 2019-20 edition.

It doesn’t have to be an exotic island with pristine beaches. Maybe your idea of paradise is a secluded hiking trail, a quiet park in a congested city, a colorful snorkeling spot, or the packed corridors of a large shopping mall. 
We want to hear about a place you cherish, a place you feel most compelled to share with others.

Your story will not only appear in the Stripes Destination Paradise magazine that will hit the streets on Pacific bases in September, it will also appear in our community newspapers - Stripes Japan, Stripes Okinawa, Stripes Guam and Stripes Korea and websites -,, and

So, start writing! Folks, we don’t care how long or short your story is, or how you write it. Just have fun with it. And please include photos because they’ll help tell the story.

Submit your story and photos to by July 17, and we’ll make you famous!

To get your creative juices flowing, take a look at these links to some Destination Paradise stories from previous years:

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