Speakin' Japanese: Enjoy Tokyo with these Japanese expressions

Speakin' Japanese: Enjoy Tokyo with these Japanese expressions

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Guam

“Guamu kara kimashita.” = I (we) came here from Guam.

(“Guamu” = Guam, “kara” = from, “kimashita” = came here)

“Hachiko wa doko desuka?” = Where is the statue of Hachiko?

(“..wa doko dsuka?” = where is ..?)

“Ginza ni ikitai desu.” = I (we) want to go to Ginza.

(“.. ni ikitai desu” = I (we) want to go to ..)

“Oishii omise wo oshiete kudasai.” = Could you tell me (us) a nice restaurant/joint/shop?

(“oishii” = delicious, “omise” = restaurant/joint/shop, “.. wo oshiete” = please tell me (us), “kudasai” = please)

“Tokyo no omiyage wa nani ga iidesho?” = What Tokyo souvenir do you recommend?

(“no” = of, “omiyage” = souvenir, “wa” = is, “nani” = what, “.. ga ii desho?” = Is it good)

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