Take a cruise and enjoy the open waters

Take a cruise and enjoy the open waters

by Gina Tabonares-Reilly
Stripes Guam

Cruising has been made easy for residents of the Marianas after the Philippines joined an alliance of cruise ship destinations and ports.

With the Asia Cruise Cooperation, Resorts World Manila and Star Cruises created a package exclusively for Guam and Saipan residents, providing an ultimate vacation experience while on a cruise.

Superstar Virgo, the flag ship of Star Cruises also dubbed the Jewel of the South China Sea, is a six-day, five-night cruise departing from Manila with its first stop in Laoag, a historical center in Ilocos Norte, Philippines. After that, it’s off to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the country’s largest southern port. The cruise’s last destination is Hong Kong, after which it’s time to head back to ship’s homeport of Manila.

The cruise allows passengers to see different places at each destination. Choices of day excursions can be picked while on board, or if you opt not to join the group tours, you can do your own exploration.

Budget airline Cebu Pacific is also providing a special rate for island travelers to achieve your dream cruise via iTravel, or you can book online through the website of Resort World Manila of the Stay and Cruise package designed to guarantee a smooth, simple and safe getaway.

RWM Hotels provide a free overnight stay at Winford Hotels in Manila, strategically located near the Manila Port Area for morning embarkation. After the cruise, you can stay at Belmont Hotel, located beside Resort World Manila, the Philippines ultimate place for entertainment, dining, shopping and gaming experience.

 Shuttle services from and to the airport and port are also included in the package.

While on board SuperStar Virgo, a variety of activities are available to cater to everyone’s interest. You can enjoy the sun and the sky at the Parthenon Pool during the day, or join the zumba class or jog on deck and enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean.

You can also gain intriguing insights about the cruise and ports with during a sessions with the ship’s captain, attend an arts and crafts class, shop duty free, dine at Palazzo and enjoy modern Italian and Western cuisine, or feast on the unlimited buffets at the Mediterranean, Pavilion and Genting Palace restaurants.

At night, take in a show at Galaxy of the Stars, play at Aces Club, watch spectacular shows at Lido Theater or hold your private party in the ship’s luxurious karaoke rooms. Or, you can simply kick back on your balcony and contemplate life as you watch the changing seascapes of Asia Pacific.

It is highly recommended that you take a daytime excursion while in Laoag and enjoy the preserved world renowned infrastructures designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You won’t be disappointed. You also won’t be disappointed if you sample the local cuisines and delicacies, like empanada and poqui-poqui. Very tasty stuff!

In Kaohsiung, you’ll be amazed how the Taiwan government transformed the island into a modern, beautiful port. The temples, museums and charming landscape on your way from the port is also worth checking out.

As for Hong Kong, though this has been a popular destination for ages, you find yourself not having enough time to explore the smorgasbord of sights, food and shopping.

Once you tire from the daily excursions, you can go back to SuperStar Virgo and book yourself a spa and massage treatment or relax at a jacuzzi hot tub while sipping on mango or watermelon shakes.

 No need to worry about cooking your next meal, cleaning your bedroom or washing your clothes, the ultimate vacation is supported by a reliable Star Cruises crew is trained to entertain and help you in everything you need.

After the cruise, RWM offers you the opportunity to continue the fun at UPTown and Newport Mall, which features a diverse selection of stores and local world cuisine, as well as a state-of the-art movie theater.

So, cruise on over to the Philippines and hitch a ride on a fun-filled trip at sea.

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