Travel safety tips for families

by Judy Robinson
Stripes Guam

“Are We There Yet?”

Repeatedly hearing that phrase isn’t the only risk involved in traveling with family. Don’t get us wrong. Family trips are amazing. They allow us to connect with those closest to us. But it is only when you set out on a trip you realize how safe a place your home is. A road trip, a camping trip, or a leisure trip - there are many dangers looming outdoors and you need to make sure your family stays safe.

Here are some useful travel safety tips you should know before you embark on your family adventure.

Do your research

While traveling to an unknown place may sound like an adventure but is it worth risking your family’s safety? You have the internet and you can find everything there is to know about your destination and accommodation. Make sure the place is safe enough for your loved ones.

Bonus Tips: Read reviews and ask for recommendations for family-friendly hotels.

Keep things private

When traveling, you might feel like helping a family with a broken RV. While it is nice to be helpful, it may not always be rewarding on the road. Several people get robbed by strangers on the road.

Bonus Tips: Avoid posting every detail about your whereabouts on your social media.

Backup your documents

Get a photocopy of all your passports, permits, and other essential documents. It is much easier to take care of these essentials when you are traveling alone, but you can get distracted with kids. Your backup will save you a lot of trouble in case you lose the original documents.

Bonus Tips: Keep your original documents in a zip-lock bag.

Pack More Water

The quality of water you find in most motels or even gas stations is doubtful. Unhygienic water can cause a good deal of health problems, especially in children. Pack enough water to last you throughout the way. Only buy sealed water bottles in case you need a refill. If you are planning an overnight camping adventure, make sure you carry a fleece blanket to stay safe.

Bonus Tips: Speaking of hygiene, keep your kids away from food stands.

Bring bug busters

Bed bugs and insects such as mosquitos are not just a nuisance, they are a health risk. If you are camping with family, bugs can be a huge problem. Be sure to pack some EPA approved insect repellent with you. It will save you from insects and bugs including mosquitos and ticks. Do not allow your kids use the repellent without your supervision.

Bonus Tips: Avoid bites by covering as much skin as possible.

Last but not the least, pack your travel health kit. Make sure it is equipped to deal with any medical emergency you can expect during a trip. Visit your doctor and share your travel plans so they can help you pack your kit right. With proper preparation, you can ensure the safety of your family on a road trip and an overnight camping adventure.

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