VIDEO: Exploring Guam: Virtual trip to island's famous Fouha Rock

VIDEO: Exploring Guam: Virtual trip to island's famous Fouha Rock

by Guam Visitors Bureau
Guam Visitors Bureau

Stroll through the culturally rich village roads of the south or take a dip in the island’s most well-known natural pool – all from the comfort of your screen!

In one of Guam’s most enduring legends, Puntan and Fu’una are the brother and sister gods of creation who sacrificed themselves to create the universe. 

At her brother’s request, Fu'una used her spirit to divide Puntan’s body and use it to create the universe. With his back she made the earth, with his chest she made the sky. One of his eyes became the sun, and the other became the moon. With his eyebrows she made rainbows.

Fu’una admired all they had created, and with her power she made the earth bloom. In her final gift to the world, Fu’una threw her body into the earth and transformed into a towering limestone pillar, from which the first humans emerged. Because the stone marked the final resting place of the goddess Fu’una, the ancient Chamorro people believed the stone held mystical healing powers.

Today, the pillar is known as Fouha Rock (also called Creation Point) and it sits at the point of a secluded bay in the southern village of Umatac. Fouha Rock has been a designated National Natural Landmark with the National Parks Service since 1972. 

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