War in the Pacific National Historical Park Launches Second Year of Every Kid in a Park

War in the Pacific National Historical Park Launches Second Year of Every Kid in a Park

by Kelly Carroll, War in the Pacific National Historical Park
Stripes Guam

War in the Pacific National Historical Park encourages all fourth graders to visit the park this year as part of the Every Kid in a Park program.

Superintendent Jim Richardson says “There’s so much to discover at War in the Pacific National Historical Park, and we’re excited to welcome fourth graders and their families throughout the year. We hope that our young visitors learn and have fun in the great outdoors and develop a lifelong connection to our nation’s land, water, and wildlife.”

War in the Pacific National Historical Park was selected to receive a 2016 field trip grant from the National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s national parks, to support the Every Kid in a Park program. The grant is part of the Foundation’s Open OutDoors for Kids program. The “Guam Fourth Graders Find Their Park!” project encourages youth to go outside in nature and get active in the park. Students and teachers visit the national park where they will join Park Rangers and partner Pacific Historic Park educators on guided tours and various activities at Asan Beach and the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center. Student activities include a walk through a limestone forest, identify seashore creatures, and use outstanding vistas to learn how human activities on land affect life in the reef waters below.

“These grants are planting the seeds for lifelong relationships with national parks and their programs,” said Will Shafroth, president of the National Park Foundation. “By providing access to transformative experiences like listening to the sound of birds chirping, walking the halls of a school that tell a civil rights story, looking up at a dark night sky, or pitching a tent with a friend for the first time, these children are forever impacted. We appreciate the power of national parks and, through our support, the National Park Foundation hopes to share them with as many kids as possible.”

Every Kid in a Park is part of President Obama’s commitment to protect our nation’s unique outdoor spaces and ensure that every American has the opportunity to visit and enjoy them. The program, now entering its second year, is a call to action for children to experience America’s spectacular outdoors, rich history and culture.

Every Kid in a Park is a crucial component of a multi-pronged approach to inspire the next generation to discover
all that our nation’s public lands and waters have to offer, including opportunities to be active, spend time with
friends and family, and serve as living classrooms to build critical skills.

The Every Kid in a Park program is an Administration-wide effort between the Department of the Interior, the
Department of Agriculture, the Department of the Army, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric

The program continues each year with the then-current group of fourth graders. After 12 years, every schoolage
child in America will have had an opportunity to visit their public land and waters for free, inspiring the next
generation to be stewards of our nation’s shared natural and cultural heritage.

For more information, please visit www.everykidinapark.gov and follow the program on Twitter
@everykidinapark, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. For additional information about War in the Pacific
National Historical Park, please visit www.nps.gov/wapa.

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