Talofofo falls, one of Guam's must-see sights in the village of Talofofo. File photo, by Tracie Barnthouse

Discovering Talofofo's beauty and history

September 19, 2018
Editor's Note: Here's a little piece of paradise. If you know of a place, let us know. You can submit a story on this very site.

Get to know Guam’s tree of life

September 18, 2018
Often referred to as "The Tree of Life," the coconut tree, called trongkon niyok in Chamorro, is the most used of all native plants on Guam.

Ancient Chamorro medicine making

September 17, 2018
Because of the biological nature of our bodies, people get sick, and people die. Illness and death are a part of life. However, people are not just physical beings—our complex...

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