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A peak at Guam's best beaches

July 12, 2018
Guam is home to a range of great beaches offering stunning sunsets, surreal snorkeling, watersport adventures and more. Some are well known and easy to access, others are some of...

Hike to the crosses atop Guam’s own ‘Mount Golgotha’ in the south

July 09, 2018
People often confuse this mountain with Mount Lam Lam. In fact, the crosses we see from the highway in the Southwest are on Mount Jumullong Manglo, not Mount Lam Lam.
Photos courtesy of Guam Governer’s Office/Mayors’ Council of Guam

Guam Liberation Festival back through July 22

July 10, 2018
Summer just wouldn’t be summer on Guam without the island’s signature yearly carnival, night market and Liberation Parade. The 2018 Guam Liberation Festival kicks off July 11 and...

Get to know Guam: Dededo, where things happen

July 06, 2018
Etitor’s note: The U.S. territory of Guam is comprised of 21 villages, many with their own distinct character, history and points of interest.

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