Guam Community College: A special place for veterans

May 31, 2016
It may seem unusual to describe an institution as having a heart, but veterans hold a special place in the heart of Guam Community College.
Nile C. Kinnick senior Aya Stewart crosses the finish line in the girls 400 in meet-record time, 57.98 seconds. At left is runner-up Kaelyn Francis of Kubasaki; to the rear are Maica Hernandez of Kadena and Faith Bryant of Zama (James Kimber/Stars and Stripes)

Stewart finally chases down dream - 400 record

May 21, 2016
YOKOTA AIR BASE, Japan – Aya Stewart was overcome with joy. She clasped her hands to her mouth, collapsed onto the turf infield, then a cascade of emotion coursed down her face.
A Preservation Ranger snorkeling at Asan Beach, War in the Pacific National Historical Park / NPS Photo

Sign up now for Preservation Ranger Academy

May 26, 2016
This July, War in the Pacific National Historical Park and non-profit partner, Pacific Historic Parks, will host the Preservation Ranger Academy (formally known as the Reef Ranger...

2 of the biggest for-profit colleges are making it easier for students to sue

May 24, 2016
DeVry University and the University of Phoenix will no longer bar students from filing class-action lawsuits or otherwise taking their grievances to the courts, putting an end to...

When an infant is tongue tied

May 25, 2016
It happens every day on this paradise island we call Okinawa: A couple discovers that they are expecting a baby in about 9 months.  In the 9 months of excitement, growth and...