Mi Dahm serves up yummy Korean food

Did you know that you can have a pancake filled with octopus, crab, and eggs? There is a Korean restaurant called Mi Dahm that serves just that. It is next to Tumon on Marine Corps Drive.

Taste of Guam: Enjoy Korean cuisine at Seoul Jung in Tumon

Guam is known for its diversified food culture. Whatever type of cuisine you are looking for – Chamorro, American, Mexican, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Filipino – you’ll find it on this small island packed with hundreds of restaurants.

Tasty places on Guam: Sejong Korean Restaurant

We have an extensive selection of succulent BBQ and offer soup, noodles, stew and more. Iron chef who has experience for over 30 years will make you satisfied. Enjoy this Korean style BBQ restaurant in Guam!

Guam Diner Bytes: Uri Jip Restaurant

It has been far too long since I last visited Uri Jip Restaurant! Mama Chang was surprised and happy to see me when I walked in for lunch. She then chastised me for being gone for over a year or two!

Guam Diner Bytes: Mi-Dahm Restaurant

A new Korean restaurant opened late 2014 amid little fanfare in a location that had once housed Aji Ichi Japanese Restaurant. Mi-Dahm Restaurant (the sign outside has transposed the “a” & “h” in Dahm ).

Guam Food Guy's soup: Chowon Restaurant

Chowon Restaurant is becoming more and more a local favorite for those looking for a flavorful home-style Korean dining experience. I like to use the word “clean” when I describe Chowon because it is small and really has a bright, relaxing ambiance.

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