Photos by Ainun Naim Qazi

Photos by Ainun Naim Qazi ()

We have lived in Korea, which is called “The Land of Morning Calm.” I loved the morning sunrise in Korea. We have also lived in Okinawa for many years and enjoyed its sunset. I remembered that right after rain, when clouds are shattered and sun was expected to set, photographers with all sorts of cameras assembled at the beach to capture the beauty of sunset.

After I left Okinawa, the memory of the sunset stayed with me. After serving the Department of Defense for over 27 years, I retired and moved to Las Vegas to live an interesting and peaceful life. Well, life was interesting, but not peaceful. After a few months, we decided to move elsewhere. Florida was one choice (retiree’s favorite) or Okinawa, where we can watch the sunset each day.

We voted for Okinawa and moved near Toguchi Beach. Now, each day after dinner we walk along Toguchi beach with our camera, capturing the beauty of sunset. Sometimes the setting sun transforms the sea into a vast lake of molten gold.

We also have visited other beaches of Okinawa: Emeraldo Beach in Motobu, Naminoue Beach in Naha, Ginowan Tropical Beach in Ginowan, Sunset Beach in Chitan, Mibaru Beach in Manjo, and Nashiro Beach in Itoman, Okuma Beach, Torri Station Beach, and White Sands Beach.

Walking through the sandy beaches of Okinawa, its spellbound natural beauty of picturesque small islands and clear waters, and its splendid calm and tranquility, we dubbed it “The Land of Evening Calm.”

If anyone wants to visit a place for tranquility, calmness, peace and beauty, come to Okinawa.

Author’s Bio: Ainun Naim Qazi is a retired environmental protection specialist and lives near Toguchi Beach on Okinawa. (

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