Want to visit Gab Gab beach? There’s a lot of things you could do including kayaking, paddle boarding, scuba diving, snorkeling, and lots more! You can see a whole lot of animals too like turtles, fish, coral, sharks, starfish and there’s more out there too!

Here at Gab Gab Beach, it’s a nice place to do a lot of stuff! You can cook, have a party, and jump into a giant pool that's about eleven feet down! People at Gab Gab even use their paddle boards to surf sometimes. But sometimes the place is deserted because there are other beaches you could go to such as Tarague, Gun Beach, Inarajan Pools, and Tumon Bay! Sometimes you can find hermit crabs and coconut crabs there too! They are hard to find though. Once you leave Gab Gab beach it will lead you to some memories of lots of fun!

How to get there To get there, set your Google Maps to Naval Base Guam. You need to have an ID or you need base access. Next, after you get through the gate you keep on going straight until you reach the road that leads to the National War Dog Cemetery, and then you take the first road on the right. Then keep going till you reach the rocky sign that says: ‘NO GLASS & NO PETS ALLOWED’. Then you can enjoy all the activities you can do!

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