RMI Likiep, photo courtesy of Guam Visitors Bureau

RMI Likiep, photo courtesy of Guam Visitors Bureau ()

The Guam Micronesia Island Fair goes virtual in 2021 to celebrate the vibrant cultures of Micronesia in its 33rd year. With this year's theme called the "Guam Micronesia Online Fair," the annual Guam Visitors Bureau signature cultural event has returned with on-demand videos and content highlighting island delegations and cultural groups that can be accessed at any time. Enjoy these special Guam Micronesia Online Fair performances and share them with your network of family, friends, and colleagues.

Republic of the Marshall Islands The Marshall Islands is one of the last undiscovered destinations in the world. It offers nature at its best with tropical beauty and untouched natural habitats. The outer islands offer crystal clear waters and pristine, secluded beaches.

Explore WWII relics both on land and sea that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Shop our local handicraft stores for our finest hand-made handicrafts. If you yearn for exploration, discovery and learning about new cultures, you will find a visit to the Marshall Islands very rewarding.

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