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Guam is home to a range of great beaches offering stunning sunsets, surreal snorkeling, water sport adventures and more. Some are well known and easy to access, others are some of the island’s best kept secrets. Here are some of the best beach sites Guam has to offer. Enjoy!

Tagachang Beach

Set between jungle topped cliffs, Tagachang Beach is one of Guam’s many beautiful beaches, but unlike some, this one is remote and un-groomed.

Located on the southeast side of the island, it is off the usual tourist routes; there are no buses to this beach, so a car or taxi is required. Unlike Tumon Bay beaches, Tagachang is quiet, but best enjoyed during daylight hours for safety.

Like many of the eastern beaches, an outer reef breaks the surf and makes the beach calm and safe for swimming.

Because of its uncrowned location and shallow waters, it makes an ideal beach for children, those who do not swim well or just for relaxing. While the outer reef makes the beach calm and safe, beyond or on the reef can be treacherous for even the most advanced swimmers so always stay near the beach.

This hidden jewel is found on the North end of Yona village off Route 4. Coming from the South end of the island it is passed the Yona Mobile gas station, on the right all the way down a jungle-lined road.

Coming from the North end of the island take Route 4 into Yona, pass the Pago Bay Resort construction area, as you pass the Pago Bay lookout, prepare to turn at the first road on the left and follow it all the way down to the beach.

Asan Beach Park

Asan Beach was one of the two primary beaches which U.S. soldiers stormed when trying to recapture Guam from Japanese occupation during World War II. There are a number of World War II memorials, relics and informational signs scattered around the park for visitors to enjoy.

The beach area of Asan Beach Park is lined with coconut trees to provide shade from the tropical sun. In addition to the beach, there is a huge triangular park which can be used by the public for just about any activity.

Snorkeling Tips for Guam

  • Only snorkel within your comfort zone. If the surf is too big or currents are too strong, come back another day.

  • It’s always recommended to try out a new site accompanied by someone who has already been there, done that, and knows the way back to the car.

  • Protect Guam’s reef life. The beautiful underwater gardens surrounding the island take hundreds of years to grow. Don’t destroy their beauty by standing on them or taking things from the reef.

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