Editor’s note: Whether you’re out to capture island beauty with a camera, in search of a picture-perfect backdrop for romance, or you simply appreciate a scenic vista as much as the next guy or gal, it doesn’t take long to notice that there is much about Guam to please the eye. In no particular order, here are some of Guam’s best vistas to start with.

Sunset Grill

Enjoy some of the island’s best sunsets and pizza! Take the beautiful drive down to Asan, and on the beachside of Marine Corps Drive, find a seat in Sunset Grill’s open air patio deck. The pizza dough is handmade and grilled in pizza ovens that resemble barbecue pits.

This favorite military hangout serves up unique burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, and slow-smoked beef brisket, as well as a variety of beer. Food at Sunset Grill is delicious, filling, and certainly best when washed down with ice cold beers! Try Sunset Grill in Asan Beach for a relaxing change of pace along with creative new tastes – and an awesome view. They don’t call it “Sunset” Grill for nothing.

Cetti Bay Overlook

This popular overlook is easy to access and provides spectacular views of the Philippine Sea. Cetti Bay and the chain of a thousand foothills are part of Guam’s Territorial Seashore Park. The area is generally considered a geological delight with the rock formation providing clues to the volcanic origins of southern Guam.

The twin hills below the Cetti Bay Overlook and to the north, called Attelong Acho, or Black Rock, are examples of pillow lava formed underwater during ancient volcanic eruptions. To the south in the distance Cocos Island can be seen just off Merizo village.

The coastal area around Cetti Bay has been inhabited by Chamorros for approximately 3,000 years. Latte stones and pottery shards provide the evidence. The Spanish later created a road system which followed the coastline from Hagatna, south through Cetti Bay to Umatac. The slopes are covered with grassland, savanna, coconut trees and a ravine forest which hides the Cetti Waterfall. Cetti Bay is on the Guam and National Registers of Historic Places.

To get there, take Route 1/Marine Corps Drive south approximately 11 miles until you get to the main gate of the Naval Base Guam. Turn left and continue on Route 2 for another five miles to Agat. Proceed south through the village and stay on the road as it begins to climb into the southern hills. After 2-3 minutes of uphill driving, you will see a viewpoint to the right. This is the Sella Bay viewpoint. Drive past it for another minute and you will see the Cetti Bay Overlook on your right. You park along the street.

Asan Bay Overlook

This hilltop vista is a national historical park with sweeping views of Asan and Agana. The spot has World War II significance and signs are posted detailing the locations and events viewable from the hill. Asan Bay Overlook is one of seven sites of the War in the Pacific National Historical Park.

Pago Bay

From the hill above Pago Bay, check out the view Del Carmen apartments to the right; it’s an amazing view. Aptly put by Guampedia, the online encyclopedia about all things Guam, “Today, a drive along Route 4 near the village of Yona provides a breathtaking view of Pago Bay. The shores of the bay are popular for fishing and other recreational activities, and now, the bay is a site for major new housing developments.

“Nevertheless the ancient village site remains archeologically significant, giving insight into ancient Chamorro life and cultural practices. Recently archeologists working along the shores of Pago Bay, on Guam’s east coast, discovered previously buried archeological soils, features and artifacts indicating that people lived along the shores of this bay hundreds of years before the Spanish first arrived in AD 1521.”

The Latte of Freedom

More than a government house, this stop offers ocean vistas from atop the world’s largest latte — the Latte of Freedom. Standing atop a prominent stone point overlooking both Asan and Agana bays, the Latte of Freedom monument invites guest to look and learn about culture in the local area and across the island.

The Guam Museum complex includes the tower that is accessible by an elevator and ramps to the top. This is a wheel chair friendly location. Parking is limited for these attractions. Both are part of the Governor’s complex on Route 1 (Marine Corps Drive) at Adelup.

Two Lovers Point

Two Lovers Point is not only the site of Guam’s most famous legend, but it’s also one of the best places to really see the beauty of Guam. Vistas are best viewed at the golden hour.

Guam’s Romeo and Juliet story is every bit as tragic as the original. According to the legend, the daughter of a wealthy high-ranking family falls deeply in love with a lowly Chamorro warrior. To avoid her arranged marriage and a pursuing army, the maiden and her lover throw themselves over the cliffs of Tumon Bay. Read the full story about the ill-fated Spanish beauty and her forbidden Chamorro beau while there.

To get the full story and see some of the most beautiful panoramic views of Guam, head to Two Lovers Point Park. Red trolleys run all day between Tumon and the Park. Park Admission is $3 per person (children 6 and under are free).

The views of the Philippine Sea and the sharp cliffs are spectacular.

I Memorias Para I lalahi-ta

On your drive down south, stop off at I Memorias Para I lalahi-ta, to take in one of the island’s most breathtaking vistas of the angular southern hills and the Philippine Sea. The site is dedicated to Guam soldiers who died in the Vietnam War.

You can see the bright orange Spanish Bridge and even the storied Spanish fort, Fort Señora Nuestra de la Soledad, in the distance. The village of Umatac is even visible and affords excellent photo opportunities. Take a deep breath of crisp salty air. Is this paradise?

Westin Resort Lounge

Roll towards your hotel just as the sun is setting and run to the top of The Westin Resort for a snapshot. Amazing! You just might see the fabled green flash just as the sun dips below the horizon.

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